Lingue di suocera - Fantasy Pasta

Everyone knows that mother-in-laws cannot keep quiet and for this reason the pasta with the shape of mother-in-law tongues that are of course: long, rolled up and full of colors. To achieve them,thin strips of dough flavored with vegetables and spices are made, then a multi-colored pastry is obtained that is kneaded and packed by expert hands. They can be cooked with any sauce.

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Ingredients: Durum Wheat, water, 2% spinach, 2% paprika, 2% beetroot

Drying time: 24 hours

Drying temperature: 50°C

Proteins: 12.5%

Cooking time: 12’

Shelf Life: 24 months

Size: 250gr

Units and case dimension: 6 units – case cm. 40x30xh24

Photo: Classic Line image. For Original Line and Gift Line packaging, see the home page

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