Livera Bio

Organic farming is a production system that respects human health and the environment in all its different phases, avoiding the use of any synthetic chemical product and any genetically modified organism, in order to preserve and improve soil’s characteristics and respect for life forms and biodiversity: the use of pesticides, herbiced, fungicides and synthetic insecticides is banned, replacing them with natural fertilizers.
Pursuing the following three fundamental factors every day, LIVERA BIO is able to offer an highest quality organic line, saving the content of nutrients and offering a dappled and original range of assorted organic pasta:

WE WORK ONLY 100% ITALIAN DURUM ORGANIC WHEAT SEMOLINA in compliance with the most rigorous certifications
WE OFFER  a complete line of organic pasta and colored organic pasta
TRADITIONAL PROCESSING according to the ancient methods of SLOW DRYING (24h-52h) and LOW TEMPERATURE (50-52°C) for an excellent organoleptic and cooking performance.

Suitable for shops specializing in Wellness and Natural

Italian Flavors & Colors!