Organic Flavored Pasta

A phantasmagorical array of colors, made exclusively from natural vegetables and spices, carefully measured and added to the mixture, to give an artistic look at each new dish.
Drying time: 24h – Drying temperature: 50°C

Organic Farfalle 5 (6) colors

Livera butterflies are formed by a thin sheet which is first flavored with vegetables and spices to present a good balance between color and 6 flavor (5 upon request).

Organic Fischietti 5 (6) colors

With vegetables and spices Livera presents their whistle with 6 flavors (5 upon request). It goes well easily with any sauce. Livera has selected the best shape and size to enhance flavor and color.

Organic Papillon 5 (6) colors

Refined pasta, elegant colorful to bring out the beauty in the kitchen. Nice to cook and wonderful as a gift. 6 aromas (5 upon request).

Organic Funghetti 5 (6) colors

“Funghetti” stimulates a chef’s imagination for elegant and tasty dishes.

Italian Flavors & Colors!