Organic Long Pasta

The Livera long cut specialties are made with the highest quality semolina and, in the colored versions, with the addition of completely natural vegetables and spices. The result is a range of colors and original fl avors for imaginative and creative dishes.
Drying time: 42h – Drying temperature: 52°C – Semolina Pasta Bronze die

Organic Linguine

This format of long pasta is original of Genoa and very consumed in the Liguria region, Livera has chosen for you a rough surface that holds the sauce.

Organic Linguine al limone

Thanks to its very delicate flavor, “Linguina al Limone” goes very well with seafood recipes.

Organic Spaghetti

These noodles are made with high quality semolina they have a rough surface to hold the sauce. Originally they were dried on wooden slats in the sun and wind.

Organic Spaghetti Italia

With spinach, paprika and semolina these noodles witness Italian cuisine. It’s the way to remember and savor the origins of our diet and culture.

Italian Flavors & Colors!