Organic Short Pasta

They come with a rough and porous surface and an excellent resistance to cooking,
to ensure better linkage with traditional Italian sauces and dressings.
Drying time: 22h – Drying temperature: 53°C – Fusilli, Maccheroni, Penne rigate Bronze die

Organic Farfalle

The Livera farfalle are formed from a thin pastry which is first cut as a rectangle then clamped in the center up to take on the shape of a butterfly with two big wings.

Organic Fusilli

It’s a pasta that is very popular all over the world, easy to cook and goes well with any sauce. Livera has selected a dimension that enhances the flavor and the cooking stability.

Organic Papillon

It comes from a sheet of selected semolina. The typical shape offers a perfect balance between delicacy and consistency, unique in its kind.

Organic Penne rigate

It’s a very well-known pasta in Italy, it’s originality is in the cross section. The rifling makes it easy to match with light sauces.

Organic Maccheroni

It is said ther were brought to Italy by Marco Polo upon his return from China. Its cylindrical shape and the grooves are easily adapted to strong sauces based on meat too.

Organic Fischietti

It goes well easily with any sauce. Livera has selected the best shape and size to enhance flavor.

Organic Funghetti

“Funghetti” stimulates a chef’s imagination for elegant and tasty dishes.

Organic Gigli Ricci

Pasta worked to hold any kind of sauce.

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