Livera Risotti

Tasty Rich and above all READY,  the New Livera Risotti come with a choice of 6 recipes, only vegetable broth, GLUTAMATE FREE and an abundant quantity of main seasoning.
Like all Livera products, RISOTTI too are the result of a careful selection of raw materials.
The right balance of its ingredients enhances the taste.
Livera RISOTTI are READY AND GLUTEN FREE, the care to choice the ingredients allows the respect of traditional recipes.
200g size ideal for 3 people.

PROPER PREPARATION: pour 2 tablespoons of oil into a non-stick pan, bring to temperature and pour the contents of the package. Toast the rice for 2 minutes and then add 500ml of hot water or vegetable broth, stirring slowly for about 15-18 minutes. When cooked, stir with butter and Parmesan grated cheese and finish with salt.

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